What to expect in this session

Have you wondered what Design for Wellbeing means in practice? How can you bring the topic of Wellbeing to the design of interiors you are working on? What aspects of your design are impacted? 

This free live session is created so you can start introducing Wellbeing into your Interior Design and Architectural work. In this session we are going to talk about what Design for Wellbeing is, why this should be part of your skillset and introduce you to the design characteristics. 

The talk will last for 30 minutes, and a further 20 minutes will be used for open discussion in a Q&A format, aiming for no more than an hour for this session. This session is offered with no charge to help you explore the topic. It will be hosted as a Zoom meeting to allow for discussion and to meet like-minded people.  

Our courses grant you access to a thriving community. Within this community, you'll have the opportunity to connect, exchange ideas, and participate in discussions. Don't miss the chance to dive into conversations about sustainability, design for wellbeing, low carbon solutions, and circular design.

If there are any particular questions you would like to highlight prior to the session, please email them to us at [email protected].

Following this course you will...

Have a better understanding of the term Wellbeing, how it should be used in it's correct meaning and the vocabulary to engage with sustainability conversations during project strategy, concept and delivery stages.

  • Feel confident engaging in wellbeing related conversations.

  • Understand the various aspects of wellbeing and how these relate to your work as a designer, client-side decision-maker, and construction professional.

  • Inform and direct project and design decisions for clients and occupants high value return.


Sustainable Design & Wellbeing Trainer

Ines Viana

Inês is an interior designer who believes healthy, effective spaces are essential in creating healthy and resilient communities. Fascinated by the connection between people, places and health, Inês holds qualifications in workplace design and neuroscience for architecture. She is also certified by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). With extensive experience in both construction and retail, Inês has a deep understanding of building life cycles and the impact of design decisions on different stakeholders.

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