• Q1. Is there an exam at the end of the courses?

    Yes, if you wish.

    In the on-demand courses you'll find short quizzes after each section to test your knowledge and a final graded exam at the end. In the live courses and on-demand shorter bundles, you will only find a final exam relevant to that particular course.

    The exam is only compulsory if you wish to receive a Certificate of Completion.

  • Q2. Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

    Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each course if you have completed all lessons and passed any relevant exam.

  • Q3. Does the course give me CPD points?

    We offer CPD approved courses and sessions. For more information, kindly refer to the details on the courses page.

  • Q4. Is there a course handbook or handouts?

    Any additional written information is provided as part of a lesson’s resource section.

  • Q5. Is there further recommended learning material?

    Any further recommended learning materials, relevant books, reports, or online links for expanded learning on the discussed topics will be added to the resources section of each lesson.

  • Q6. Can I share the course with my friends and colleagues?

    We ask and prefer it for the sake of fairness that you share a link to the subscription page so they can access the course fully and legally! In fact, it’s a great idea to share and get more on the journey so please do so!

  • Q7. Who is behind the courses and what are their credentials?

    The courses ares run under Grigoriou Interiors Limited. Grigoriou Interiors is an interior design and sustainability consultancy based in London, UK.

    They have been running since 2009 and is owned by two sisters: Angeliki and Elina Grigoriou. More information on the company and the team can be found here

  • Q8. Do I have access to an online community as part of the course/session?

    Yes, our courses grant you access to a thriving community. Within this community, you'll have the opportunity to connect, exchange ideas, and participate in discussions. Don't miss the chance to dive into conversations about sustainability, design for wellbeing, low carbon solutions, and circular design.

  • Q9. Can I opt out of the online community if I decide I no longer want to participate?

    Yes, If you choose not to be a part of our community, please send an email to [email protected], and we will unsubscribe you from it.