What our students say

"...The most surprising element has been how much it has enhanced my own sense of wellbeing..."

Emily Draper, Interior Designer

My aim of enrolling on the course was to develop knowledge and tools with which to turn the 'Design for Wellbeing' rhetoric into day to day practice. Undoubtedly, the course has given me an excellent springboard to do this. It's great to be able to revisit and dip in and out of sessions to refresh certain topics as and when needed. The most surprising element has been how much it has enhanced my own sense of wellbeing. The course has proved to be a productive focus. The meditation exercise and active listening session I have found immensely rewarding and utilised both in and outside of work with huge success. These skills alone have been invaluable. I work for an interior design practice that focusses on residential projects so it's been fascinating to see examples of Elina's design processes applied to commercial (as well as residential) contexts; this has encouraged me to think beyond the settings I'm more familiar with designing for thereby gently stretching my learning beyond the comfort zone! Despite not having a degree in interior design I found the content accessible and it has inspired me to deepen my knowledge of mindfulness as well as interior architecture. It has been an extremely useful learning opportunity.

"...The aesthetic and physical design issues are incredibly thorough and explained with ease..."

Rebecca Thomas, Interior Designer

I enrolled on the DfW course to gain a comprehensive and practical understanding of the interactions between wellbeing and interiors. The course has been a joy to engage with, I really look forward to sitting down to take a lesson, to take some time away from my busy everyday life to learn at my own pace about a topic which is arguably more important in the current climate than ever before. I like the option to pause or rewind to process the learnings more deeply, as well as the exercises to engrave the knowledge into memory. I have been studying across the world whilst on my travels, as well as back home in the UK, and have found the course to be an easy fit with my dynamic lifestyle. As long as you have a laptop/ mobile, and a pair of earphones, you can study almost anywhere! The course has enabled me to dive into the subject of design for wellbeing, with real-world examples and applications, which I am sure will support me on my journey to becoming an Interior Designer. The aesthetic and physical design issues are incredibly thorough and explained with ease, to ensure any student can grapple with the concepts. I would recommend this course to anyone developing a career in interiors, take the leap - you won’t regret it!

"...exceptional piece of training..."

Dr. Joe Croft, Head of Sustainability, Overbury & Morgan Lovell

Our team found the ‘Designing Wellbeing in the Workplace’ training days a really exceptional piece of training. The engaging approach initially de-constructed the fundamentals of wellbeing and then built up an array of tools and approaches for our designers to consider during future projects. Much of our team left the session feeling both energised and inspired by Elina’s passion for designing spaces which maximise occupant wellbeing.