What to expect in this session

Have you wondered what Low Carbon or Circular Design mean and how they actually happen in practice? How to bring the topics to the design of interiors and architectural refurbishments you are working on? What aspects of your design are impacted or must be to respond to the Net Zero Carbon agenda? 

This free online session will start exploring the issues found in low carbon and circular design. 

The session will include parts for open discussion in a Q&A format, aiming for no more than an hour. It will be hosted as a Zoom meeting to allow for discussion and will not be recorded. 

Joining our session gives you access to a community space where you can share your valuable insights, ask questions, and actively participate in enlightening discussions centred around sustainability, design for wellbeing, low carbon, and circular design. 

Our courses grant you access to a thriving community. Within this community, you'll have the opportunity to connect, exchange ideas, and participate in discussions. Don't miss the chance to dive into conversations about sustainability, design for wellbeing, low carbon solutions, and circular design.

If there are any particular questions you would like to highlight prior to the session, please email them to us at [email protected].

What is an EPD?

If you are looking to learn more about Net Zero, a great place to start is understanding EPDs and how these relate to achieving Net Zero carbon targets. 

Listen to Amy, our Education Manager, give a quick overview on how to read and use EPDs.


Sustainability Trainer

Laura Salinas

As a BSc Design Engineer with over 16 years of experience, Laura has a well-established knowledge of the whole project and product development cycle. The implementation of Ecodesign, including the generation of strategies, data collection from the supplier chain and the use and interpretation of LCA have been a fundamental part of her experience in the latest years, as a result of achieving her MSc in Environmental Studies in Spain. She uses both this systemic view and her Ecodesign experience together with a constantly growing knowledge of sustainability tools and standards throughout our range of services, to help other companies in their transformation journey to true sustainability.

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