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Our education platform is dedicated to providing comprehensive and innovative knowledge on sustainable design and delivery practices, empowering individuals and professionals to create environmentally friendly and socially responsible spaces. Through engaging and interactive courses, workshops, and resources, we aim to inspire and educate a new and existing generation of professionals who are committed to creating beautiful, functional, and sustainable spaces that positively impact the planet and all its inhabitants.

As specialists in the industry, we have created three streams of training courses which reflect the topics of the 3 Pillars of Sustainability. All courses, long and short, are combining years of practice and knowledge, in order to al­­­low others to gain specialist skills relating to sustainable design, strategy, assessments and measurement in the built environment from the comfort of their own home or workplace.

We have one planet and we still have time to care for it and us.


Our courses are listed under the 3 pillars of sustainability


The main introduction to Sustainability will allow an accessible entry into the topic for all project, client, and industry roles. The section on Value will expand on the definition of what is valued in projects and how we can both target and measure the issues that matter and are true, to ensure maximum return on investment and a sustainable result. Sessions cover an introduction to Sustainability and the 3 pillars, introductions to system thinking and other specific themes related to economics and value measurement. This series of live and ‘on demand’ training courses is for designers, consultants and construction professionals who want to upskill their Sustainability knowledge.


This series of live and ‘on demand’ training courses is for designers, consultants and construction professionals who want to upskill their Low Carbon, Net Zero design and Circularity knowledge. Sessions cover an introduction to Sustainability & Net Zero, Circular Design & Economy and Low Carbon & Circularity in Practice amongst more detailed themes. The expanding curriculum will contain a mix of complete courses and a mix of focus bundles to support all interests and abilities.


The Design for Wellbeing category training courses are designed for architects and interior designers who quickly and easily want to learn how to design for wellbeing and apply this knowledge to their projects. The complete courses and mini courses cover topics such as: aesthetic and physical design issues, colours, textures, spatial volumes, elegance, thermal comfort, air toxicity issues and lighting.

V&A's Design & Project Management training case study

Find out what the design and project management teams had to say on their actions to upskill and implement into daily projects, the knowledge to achieve sustainable results that meet the Museum's Net Zero and Circularity aims.

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